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Up Your Home-Office Game

With 24% of Americans working from home, it's a prime time to revamp that jerry rigged desk set-up in the back corner of your guest room! So, let's get crackin.

Tech time! Drop Entr is out here with crazy fresh mechanical keyboards! (Wait, what's a mechanical keyboard? It's the type with the tall keys that go click, click, click.) Pictured is the Womier K61 Acrylic. This one costs $65 and is ~dreamy~ with color changing back lighting.

There's a difference between need and want. And a desk mat with a massive pufferfish floating through the pastel purple streets of Tokyo is definitely a need. Cop one here! Price depends on size, baby!

Bit hit of inspiration! Just imagine looking up and seeing Random circles, Big potato + Little potato, and some abstract sea life (as named by me). Prints on Society 6 typically go for $14.25 for an 18" x 24" because they run deals all the time!

Really? A milk frother? YES! Think about all the lattes you you can make them at home! I swear this thing will pay for itself ($20) in a week!

Planet Sticky Notes! $2.75, found here!

Just some sleek glass coffee mugs. (Imagine this filled with frothy milk, wow.) $25 / set of 2!

Laptop skin that looks like a tree trunk, OoooOOoo. Get earthy for $14.99!

Well people, thanks for reading! Hopefully you feel inspired to enliven your little nook :D

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