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Gifting Guide ~For Creative People~

Here we go! This year I incorporated more art, specifically linocuts, which I’m now big into!

Okay, okay, let’s start things off with a baby blue alarm clock from the Moma Design Store. Designs taken from 63-year old Japanese artist, Yoshitomo Nara! It's a pricey one, weighing in at $375, but couldn't be cooler.

Uppp next, $25 'White Mountains' art print (dimensions: 11” x 14”) of some neat topography. Pretty cool, pretty self explanatory. Uneven type at the bottom = whimsical!

Mechanical keyboards for the win–two years in a row! Once again, this is a Drop Entr Keyboard, specifically the Melgeek Mojo68 Plastic, for a grand total of $249!

Time to get funky, funky, funky. If you’ve ever eaten a Life Saver and thought: ‘Wow! I wish this were jewelry!’ then you’re in luck. $40 gets you a Technogel Bracelet.

Preserve your favorite fruit forever with this (literal) orange coaster! Is it not amazing? Protect your classy coffee table and celebrate citrus all for $16–yay!

I don’t know the story behind this print, but maybe that adds to the intrigue. The blue is soft and red is assertive. And it can be yours $19. Artist cred: Ting Atelier.

Clogs? Really? How do these make the list? Wellll, because they’re a total vibe! And…mark my words…a year from now, everyone will be wearin’ em. Get yours today for $149.

Patsy Shaw is an artist I’ve recently seen on Etsy and quite like!! Her $22 prints are sweet and simple in concept, but the black and white contrast makes them ultra compelling.

Let’s talk–these are last minute gift ideas! If you don’t have time to get an item delivered, buy that creative person a subscription to Adobe Express. It's an all-in-one tool, with a totally profesh TikTok video editor, full access to several of Adobe's image editing tools; and a super solid library of customizable Instagram post templates. 10/10 would recommend! Esp. for people who are big into social media :D

That’s a wrap!

See you people next year; much love; Merry Christmas; big hugs from me :D

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